Messaging during lockdown

Many of us have the privilege of having smartphones and course with that comes texts, calls FaceTime, snapchat to name a few. 

Because we are in lockdown many feel you have to reply to everyone just because we’re all at home. Well…no. You still need alone time and because of what’s happening all this can be overwhelming and it gets exhausting being on your phone for hours on end, you’re allowed to take a break and shouldn’t feel bad.

I’m a lover of twitter, I tweet all the time, mostly rubbish and random banter. It was always fun to tweet on my lunch break at work or even during a boring lesson (don’t tell me lecturer) but since lockdown it’s become too much, it’s not as fun and then I realised. Most things are best used in moderation. Now I try my best to get off it but because I’m so addicted I sometimes have to delete the app, because having too much of something is never good, no matter how much we may enjoy it, especially social media. 

Social media is one way of escapism when done did moderation, it’s like ice cream. Most people love ice cream but too much can be sickly. You don’t have to indulge in every single persons life and see what they are up to, that can get really dreary really fast. With FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) it’s much higher than ever due to boredom and you’d much rather scavenge across social media platforms than do anything else and the truth is…there isn’t much to miss out on, your favourite artist is still stuck indoors, your friends are still at home and so are you so what exactly are you missing out on? They aren’t going anyways and neither are you. Facetiming and texting is still fun and keeping in touch with people is great but you don’t have to message anyone every second of the day, you can still feel the need for alone time during the pandemic and no one should make you feel bad for wanting to be by yourself a while. Take a break and take care of your mental well-being.

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