Why job hunting sucks

Have you ever sat at a computer for hours and applied to a large amount of jobs then later receive a ton of rejection emails? The ones that start with ”Thank you for taking time to fill in the application, unfortunately…”

You know the part where you have filled in an entire application form and they ask for a cover letter, it’s that ”WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!” moment. It’s exhausting, it’s depressing because you will have to do it again, you will have to apply to 20 more and get rejection emails and then you have to do it again, and again and again and again…you get the idea. Certain companies expect so much especially the ones who only offer minimum wage. When I was 17 I decided to get a part-time job whilst being in college and it was the worst job I ever did, to this day I still haven’t been paid for slaving my life away, come to think of it I should sue them!

The thing I dislike the most about job hunting is I would spend over 30 minutes applying for a job and the rejection email would come through after 2 minutes, I think to myself ”Did you even bother reading it?” It’s more than that, I feel most people do much more in person than they would with an online application but they aren’t given the chance, not everyone is a theorist, more people are practical but employers don’t pay much mind to that.

I was on twitter the other day and saw a tweet:

This tweet spoke to me because it’s a reminder that though you will receive a large number of rejection emails in the end the right job will find you at the right time. Yes it’s the worst , I understand you will be disheartened and you really want that job but I believe that everything eventually falls into place, you’ll probably earn more from the right job than the one you thought you wanted, you’ll be part of a great team and be glad you got those rejection emails, be patient with yourself, you’ll be surprised at how you’ll land your next job.

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