Stop using too many products on your face

”Yeah Mul but you do the 10 step Korean Routine, don’t you do the same?”

What I mean is using different supplements on your face within a short period of time. I definitely have quite a few skincare products but I only use them when needs be as they all have their own role on my face.

I understand the excitement of starting a new skincare routine, it’s really going to be a lot of trail and error until you find something that works for you but getting a lot AT the same time only damages your skin over time. You have to give your skin the chance to breathe and get used to products and if the products you use work together because some products definitely don’t work well toegther. There’s no need to complicate your routine.

“If you want to get the most out of multiple skin products, then alternating them is a great solution and if you are layering products for hydration purposes, then try a hydrating mask on the weekends.”

 Dr. Anna Guanche

If you’re not one to care about skincare routine’s that much but still want to maintain healthy skin then I would highly suggest clicking here and reading through it. Though I mentioned it as a sunday routine, you can use it as a daily routine too.

Stop using too many products on your face because it’s not beneficial for your skin at all. If you lack moisture find just one or two products with the right amount of ingredients, if Shrek can wake up every morning, have a mad bath and take care of his skin then you can definitely moisturise your skin at the minimum of once or twice a day.

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