The importance of communication

What is communication?

”the various methods of sending information between people and places, especially phones, computers, radio, etc.:”

The world has become a global village over time, what this simply means is that we are all connected through media or telecommunications. We get our information through radio, newspapers (which are practically dying), TV and social media. Notice when we want to find out information we always want to find the source, you know the whole ”Oh, this isn’t true, let me google it just to be sure” but we never want to be certain when it comes to the people in our lives. Why?

With different means to communicate, people still find it difficult to talk to one another in a way there’s satisfaction at the end of a conversation. When someone is talking listen to them, actually listen and pay attention to what’s being said, how do they feel? What are their facial expressions? If it’s a face to face conversation. If it’s a phone call are you giving them your full attention? The concept of deliberately not paying attention and telling the internet you zone out during conversations is very juvenile.

”Good communication, as the basis of true friendship, means that one does not keep one’s inner experience to oneself alone, but, instead, actively reaches out to share one’s experience, feelings, thoughts, and needs with another person, as openly, honestly, directly, fully, constructively, and non-judgmentally, as possible. ”

Dr. Max Hammer

You can’t expect people to know what’s wrong or what they have done, they have to be told. Let them know when, where and how they have wronged you or sometimes in work areas, during projects mistakes are made, the person who is at fault has to be told because that way will learn and grow from that. That’s communication. Talking over the person during a disagreement isn’t communication, talk in a way that the counterpart will understand how you feel about the particular situation ask them to listen to you and when it comes to thier turn, though you may not agree, listen to them. This too is communication.

Never believe what you hear from people, because by the time it got to you the message was likely to be watered down like Chinese whispers, always go to the source. The most important thing is to get your point across and listen to what is being said, from that we grow as people and understand each other better and form greater relationships. Never be afraid to say how you truly feel, even if your voice shakes, speak your truth.


  1. […] Human-beings aren’t created to be alone. We all need eachother more than we would like to admit and as we grow older, we have different types of relationships in our lives. At some point confrontation will occur, especially in friendships or people we are extremely close to and the only way to get past that is being honest and vocal about the situation and how you and the other person truly feels through communication. […]


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