Hiding Emotions

We live in a generation where people would rather just keep to themselves than be vocal about how they really feel when they have close people around and I find that absurd. Why would want to suffer alone? It has almost become a trend to live this nonchalant lifestyle and I find it shameless and immature.

Hiding your feelings has a high cost. You might think that hiding your feelings will make things go better. After all, you don’t want the attention, and while you don’t change, you can still be productive. But how long are you going to be able to wear that mask?


Human-beings aren’t created to be alone. We all need eachother more than we would like to admit and as we grow older, we have different types of relationships in our lives. At some point confrontation will occur, especially in friendships or people we are extremely close to and the only way to get past that is being honest and vocal about the situation and how you and the other person truly feels through communication.

I don’t believe in showcasing to the whole world every single time you feel down or showcasing your emotions every second of the day but what I do believe in is telling someone or having at least one friend you can tell everything to but you also have to be honest with yourself. If are you sad, allow yourself to be sad, if you upset with someone let them know because hiding your emotions won’t do you any better in the future and suppressing negative feelings will just cause an unnecessary outburst towards the people around you which isn’t fair.

Being open with how you feel is freeing, gives you a clearer state of mind and you won’t have any anxiety or baggage with you into the next friendship/relationship.

Say what’s bothering you when it bothers you. React when the moment requires a reaction. Be assertive and agile under everyday pressures.


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