Vulnerability or Weakness?

When someone mentions being vulnerable in an instant they will think weakness right? They will follow up by saying how they could never be vulnerable infront of other’s because being vulnerable is unthinkable. Vulnerability can be a beautiful thing but because of it’s negative annotation people would rather avoid it.

“Vulnerability is about showing up and being seen. It’s tough to do that when we’re terrified about what people might see or think.”

Brené Brown

Think of your favourite artist or youtuber, think to when you listen to them or watch them. People would ask you why you enjoy them so much and you’re likely to say because they are ”real”. You probably like them because of the way they potray their stories through their creativity right? That’s vulnerability. They were vulnerable enough to find a way to do that through their work but you probably didn’t think of that.

Not allowing yourself to be vulnerable with people is actually a weakness.
Real strength is the person that allows themselves to be vulnerable.”

In the same article the writer goes on to say “Especially for guys it can be tough since not showing emotion and being “strong” is seen as masculinity. But that’s fake masculinity. That’s just putting on a strong mask and acting macho. There’s nothing masculine about that. It’s being too afraid to be authentic.” which I very much agree with. Being vulnerable doesn’t mean you’re a sensitive or weak person. Some of the strongest people have allowed themselves to be vulnerable but one thing to learn or understand is that you do not have to be vulnerable with everyone and are in no obligation to do so. Vulnerability should be next to the word courageous because it takes a lot to be vulnerable, whether it be confessing your love for someone, being open with someone about your life, starting something new or admitting your wrong doings etc

”We love seeing raw truth and openness in other people, but we’re afraid to let them see it in us.”

Daring Greatly‘ – Brené Brown

Naturally we as people are more comfortable with our openness with people who truly know us and understand us or people who have just known us longer than others which is why being vulnerable can be uncomfortable, you feel exposed but there’s beauty in that when done around the right people. What we won’t do is admit that it isn’t scary because it is, anything can happen. I’ve definitely had vulnerable moments and I was scared to put myself out there but as time went by I became more comfortable with it.

”Everyone is vulnerable, no matter how much they try to avoid it. We are born vulnerable and stay that way for our entire childhood. Our relationship with vulnerability is something we are acquainted with, yet abandon as we merge into adulthood.”

Vulnerability requires a leap of faith, it won’t always be reciprocated the way we wish for but when it is, it can be something beautiful. Friendships, and various types of relationships grow from this. When someone is vulnerable listen to them, pay attention to what they are saying, don’t make them feel small because that results in more harm than good. We all have our vulnerabilities and this is what makes us human.


  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. The Universe really works in mysterious ways, I have been going through a tough time lately and your blog helped lift my spirit a bit. Thank you again love, never stop sharing.🌟


    • I’m really glad I could be of help! This has honestly put a huge smile on my face and it encourages me to keep doing what I’m doing, I hope it gets easier for you ✨


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