The Depressive Relapse

Relapsing back into depression is REALLY annoying and heartbreaking. There’s no other way to describe it, I hated it because you could be doing so good and then suddenly you are 5 kilos under, you haven’t left your room in 4 days and haven’t showered since yesterday, insomnia finds it’s way back, depression is back.

”Even with an effective treatment plan, depression has a high rate of relapse. More than 50 percent of individuals who are diagnosed with major depressive disorder experience a relapse of symptoms at some point in their life.”

 Pyramid Healthcare

One my favourite netflix original shows is called ”One Day at a Time” and I was watching season 2 episode 9 called ”Hello, Penelope”. The episode really resonanted with me because in the episode Penelope (The main character) has a relapse because of anxiety and depression and I felt it was the perfect representation of what it’s like to relapse which is why I highly recommend watching this episode too.

Things to look out for before or during a relapse:

  • Isolation – Avoid being alone for too long or if you are, make sure you’re being productive in your own way.
  • Mood – Be sure to track moods, if you’re a person who knows someone that has mental illness encourage them to track their moods often, at least weekly. It really helps you understand yourself better and can help prevent or lessen the chances of a relapse happening and if you’re someone who has/had a mental illness, I’d advice to do the same. I suggest a notepad or even the notes app on your phone. I personally have a period tracker called ”Flo” and I try to use this as much as I can and I say this because I usually journal away but having a small digital tracker helps too.
(As you can see even I forget to update it sometimes but it certain helps )

Are you more irritable? crying spells? over sleeping? under sleeping? takenote. Just because these are happening doesn’t always mean it’s a relapse but understanding what’s going on helps you understand yourself better.

The worst thing you could do during a relapse is be hard on yourself. From someone who did this, I know what it feels like to be disappointed in yourself when you relapse

”I should be doing good by now”.

”Why is this happening to me again

”I have failed myself”

These are some of the thoughts that run in people’s heads. It’s like you’ve taken 3 steps forward and 5 steps back because what some may not be aware about depression is that it takes time. You could be depression free for 2 years and relapse, the worst part? Anything can trigger it that’s why It’s okay to seek help again, this is nothing to ever be ashmed about, it’s difficult yes but your health is more important than anything else. Even when you know you shouldn’t be feeling that way it happens anyway and that’s totally okay but it won’t be long, you’ll be okay and always remember the worst things happen to the best of us.

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