It's time to be selfish

Being selfish means putting ourself first to experience self-love and practice self-care. Not at the expense of others, but for the growth and development of ourself. We must be selfish to understand who we are, what we want, where we are going, and how the hell we’re going to get there.

Everyone and I mean everyone needs alone time, even your mum needs alone time, sooo go make your own dinner, stop being lazy let her rest!

When someone is responsible for others it can be quite difficult for them to think of themselves because they get used and almost ”trapped” into never taking care of themselves because they are so focused on other responsibilities. When was the last time you checked on yourself? You as an individual who often checks up on others need to realise that it’s okay to be selfish and think of you and only you once in a while. This is something I’ve been mastering and found quite beneficial.

I’ve vocally advocated for alone time because what’s better than being left unbothered for a while? Sometimes that’s needed. You don’t need to indulge yourself in worldly things to feel complete because even that will only satisfy for a short period of time.

I have learned that when you focus on yourself and take care of yourself whole heartedly every single relationship in your life is impoved. If you don’t love yourself enough you find yourself seeking for the wrong type of attention and love because you haven’t grown to recogonise what good and bad love is. The most important relationship in your life is the one with yourself. Do you have true self love?

Let’s talk about self care for a moment and be honest. The whole ”self care” world can be a lot of nonsense. It’s become this beautified scene where everyone feels good 24/7, which is highly impossible. If you brain isn’t well taken of, that facemask won’t fix anything. You don’t need money to take care of yourself, yes sometimes it’s okay but it costs £0.00 to be a little selfish and that not everyone deserves to have 25/8 access to you. You’re not an emergency room. You have to learn to recognise that being selfish is okay.

  • Be selfish with your time
  • Be selfish with your ideas
  • Be selfish with your money
  • Be selfish with your conversations
  • Be selfish with you

Taking care of yourself and looking out for your wellbeing shouldn’t leave you feeling bad and if you feel bad, more than half of the time you may need it. It’s okay to put yourself first. The whole point of this particular post isn’t to say become a selfish person, the point is to be selfish with who you are.

Your friends want to go out but you don’t feel like it? Cancel.

You’re tired from university or work? Rest.

Everything and everyone else can wait. It’s about you.

Repeat after me; It’s me above everyone.

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