It’s okay to be unproductive

Oh! but the need to be productive. I’ve always had this in me which feels both like a blessing and a curse. After two terrible years in college, when it came to my third year and I had changed course for the third and final time, I fell in love with the subject which boosted my productivity levels. I did my best and worked hard. I lost sleep because I would always say to myself ”I will sleep when I’m dead” this was me ”working hard”, that was my mindset which only led to stress because I was constantly tired. I didn’t care because I would see ”Distinction” equivalent to an A and that would make me happy for a short while. Looking back I don’t regret it but I could have worked smarter. I wouldn’t have lost so much sleep and stressed myself so much to the point of anxiety and even having a panic attack. This was all done because subconsciously I felt the need to be productive almost every second of my life and to this day I still do.

Life is not about suffering, It’s really not worth the stress, you can still work hard and get the job done without putting too much pressure on yourself. I often feel the need to do something because you know millennial/generation Z. With the uproar of social media it’s literally in your face to be productive, ”You should be doing this” ”You shoudd be doing that” well…how about you did nothing. Absolutely nothing.

We are in a pandemic, we can’t leave our houses and the world has come to a stand still, it’s literally out of our hands. We are all so used to having a busy life that being told to do nothing is very uncomfortable and alien. Most have the opportunity to work from home but once that’s done, how about you relaxed and did nothing. This was the best advice I ever received because not only did it allow me to think clearly, I wasn’t left feeling guilty as I would usually feel so bad if I wasn’t doing something. I’m finally getting comfortable staying home doing nothing. I haven’t worn a full bra in 3 weeks!…okay maybe 2 months…fine 3! (who willingly wears those anyways) but that’s besides the point! Doing nothing is everything.

As time has gone by, I have learned to have structure. What worked in college can’t always work in university and what’s been working since then can’t work in a pandemic. It’s all about adjusting. Don’t be hard on yourself because you aren’t being productive enough, even if all you’ve done is make a cup of tea during the day. Remember, You’re in a pandemic. If you’re like me and still want to do at least ”something” maybe watch an eductional video or read a book to your interest. With the type of hard news we have all been receiving the past few weeks, the best thing we could so is find a postive escapism during this mayhem and staying indoors and doing nothing is the best course of action.

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