Never hold back from saying what’s on your mind

I would classify myself as very vocal, I don’t hold back or shy away from saying how I feel or what’s on my mind (within reason of course)

Many people have been silenced growing up from their house holds or community which can be very detrimental to their growth and well-being. Everyone deserves to be in place they ca express their feeling and emotions, remember charity begins at home. The way you treat others is a huge reflection of who you are as a person therefore never make someone feel bad or ashamed for expressing themselves. If someone is happy and excited about something, it doesn’t matter if it’s significant to you or not, its not about you, it’s about them, show interest and that you care.

If someone is someone is angry or upset, instead of being dismissive why not try see why they feel that way, it takes a lot to show that type of emotion in front of just anybody.

Never hold back from expressing how you feel, if someone has done something to upset you, let them know, if someone has put a smile on your face or has made you happy let them know, that’s how friendships are built, that’s how relationships are built through openness and honesty. It’s of course not easy, even I haven’t always been open, I started to master this in my early twenties which I am still in and it’s a process and can be a little uncomfortable but it’s totally worth it.

A lot has been going on in the news lately George Floyd was brutally murdered by police is Minneapolis, USA and a lot people have been very angry and upset about the situation because as me a black woman seeing things like this again really breaks my heart, others may understand and others may not but I know I have right to feel this way about the unjustness of my people dying. another reason to really see into the Black Lives Matter movemment. This is why exacly why #RIPGeorgeFloyd

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