Why be racist when you can be quiet?

I don’t know to laugh or cry because racism never really made sense to me, at all.

Okay…so you don’t like a person because of their skin colour right? Okay…and then…what? Like no REALLY explain it to me, like WHY?

What is racism?

Racism can be most simply understood as someone behaving differently to another person based on the colour of their skin or culture. Some people are picked on because they look different or speak a different language. Some people wear certain styles of clothing because of their religion and may get bullied because of this.

BBC, Newsround

You see how absurd that is? Don’t you think it’s ridiculous, if you don’t then I can only believe you’re racist too because their really isn’t any valid reason to hate someone just because they have a different skin tone or culture from you.

Racism is way deeper than it is, it’s the microaggressions in the work field, it’s the Chinese man you won’t sit next to on the train because trump called Covid – 19 ”Chinese virus”, it’s not hiring the black person because their last name is Nakazwe instead of it being Smith, it’s not wanting your parent to be taken care of in the Hospital by the Filipino doctor because her accent is heavy. It’s not wanting your children to marry outside the culture without a valid reason aside of the reason their chosen partner is a different shade of brown. It’s… you get the idea, don’t get me started on colourism…

RACISM is way deeper than I am making it sound in this post, it’s depressing, it’s agonising, it kills, racism kills and it has for thousands of years. It’s everywhere, you think racism doesn’t exist? KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK! Your privilege and ignorance is showing!

Every racist person that loses their job, licence, gets sued etc absolutely deserves it, you did that to yourself. I often see racist people get slapped in videos on twitter, I am not one for violence but…

So, why be racist when you can be quiet?


  1. 🔥🔥🔥 I always wonder why some people have to go such lengths to be racist like the Asian guy who went viral as he proclaimed that he was racist.


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