Planning and Anxiety

Anxiety thrives on lack of coordination. Having had my many episodes especially during the first lockdown, I learnt my lesson. I was all over the place, there was a time I felt I was losing it, anxiety and lockdown don’t go well together on top of that I had absolutely nothing going on for me, even though staying home was great, I was stuck starring at the same walls, it’s depressing.

What I have learnt over the course of time is I feel better whenever I have some sort of plan, it helps me navigate things better + I am an adult and won’t do things without some sort of direction, the only things I’m okay with doing without proper plans are dates, I love spontaneity.

As we are in the second lockdown here in the UK I give myself different things to do every other day that way I don’t through the exact same thing I did the first time round and I would love for you to try them:

  • Reading
  • Cooking days
  • Skincare days
  • Bodycare days
  • Going out for walks
  • FaceTime dates with friends and family
  • Doing other things I enjoy doing by myself

I recently tried out painting, will I be the next Picasso? No. Will I still continue to paint? Yes. Due to daylight saving the sun is only up for under 11 hours & because of this, I have taken it upon myself to wake up early so that I can get as much ”sunlight” as I can. Waking at 3pm to only see the sun set at 4:18pm wasn’t enough. Waking up early is good for your wellbeing.

This didn’t happen over time, sometimes I still slept in, woke up late, I have had an episode since lockdown and I am okay with that, I took care of myself and told myself I would have a better day the next day. I have grown tp be patient with myself and as time goes by I will continue to love myself and take care of myself during the second lockdown and I want the same for you too. CORONA WON’T WIN!

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