Why you should do what makes you feel good

The short answer? It makes you happy.

See the thing with happiness is that its such fleeting emotion. I don’t think we are ever truly happy but I will say we can be content but other times its totally okay to do what makes you feel good even if its for 15 mins as long as its nor harmful to your health and others around you.

See the other day I bought A LOT of skincare, will it hurt my pocket? Yes. Was I sad that it was coming out of my account? Yes. Do I wish it came from someone else? Absolutely but do I regret getting that skincare? No. It makes me happy and makes me feel good. I’m not hurting anyone so why not?

This is self-care. Yes look into yourself and blah blah blah (I need to stop doing that) but sometimes get something just because. No Really. JUST BECAUSE. Wanna get the Chevrolet Corvette (C1) and can afford it? Do it. Been eyeing that Gucci belt for a while now huh? Get it. Putting off that cheesecake because Instagram tells you to eat an avocado tonight instead? No, order that cheesecake. Video games or read ”The Communist Manifesto”? Grab your game console and play with your friends.

You shouldn’t feel bad for doing what you want and to hell with what society thinks. Never be a slave to it because it’s ever-changing and if you listen to what everyone says you’ll end up losing yourself. Don’t lose yourself. It’s okay to do things in moderation because as you’re already aware too much of something is not healthy. Happiness is healthy and you are worthy of happiness. It doesn’t have to be money related it could be anything, as long as it makes you happy because though productivity is great its also good to take a break, just relax, have some junk food, ride your bike, do something. Happiness breeds confidence, and happy you is the best version of you, compare depressed or sad you to happy you, who do you prefer and who is better?


This is a short blog to remind you that life is worth living, don’t do what you think will make others see that you’re happy posting that fake coffee on your Instagram or snapchat story when all you want is a large coke isn’t truthful. Don’t show off to the world that you’re happy when you’re not, you’re only cheating yourself. Do what actually makes you feel good. Your life matters and it’s very important which is why you should do what makes you happy.

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