12 different ways I improved my mental health in 2022

This is the final blog of 2022! We made it! You made it! Are we celebrating or what? I mean, what a year, right?!

This year has been challenging, I have probably experienced more emotions on the emotion wheel than anything, but I mean…I made it, I guess…

I only restarted blogging in October of this year because before that, my mental health was in the trash, and I am so glad I took a year-long break. It was never intended, but it’s something that I personally needed. My mental health has improved, and I rarely sleep with an anxious heart. I have my moments, but it’s much better than last year, and I worked hard towards it. Here are twelve ways I improved my mental health.


Yes, I have mentioned this, and I will repeat it but hear me out. The whole time I wasn’t blogging, I was journaling because this is one of the best ways to express your feelings. I am an honest person. I never have a reason to lie, but my journal’s honesty is on a different level. Sometimes I write a page, and then there are times I have written eight pages back to back that I have to change pens. When I write, I feel heard and understood, and the stress and negativity leave my body and mind. Journaling helps you understand yourself better. I have a physical one, which I much prefer. Still, I also have a digital journal across my devices which is password protected. I always feel better after journaling.


In October, I went to Paris, France, for my 25th Birthday. I came back and was like..hmm, I need another holiday and I went to the canary islands in November. In December, I went down to London and had a night to remember.

Half of the time, I did not want to leave my comfortable hotel or bedroom but those few hours or days I was away were more beneficial to me than I thought. Your brain needs a break, too, facing the same walls day in and day out?. Go outside. I also discovered a new love for cheap flights and short holidays. I will most definitely be taking that with me into 2023.


I encourage everyone to cry every now and then. I am very pro-crying..if that’s a thing. As I experienced a lot of negative emotions I also cried a lot of emotional tears too and that’s okay because I always feel good after a good cry, sometimes it’s needed.

Researchers have established that crying releases oxytocin and endogenous opioids, also known as endorphins. These feel-good chemicals help ease both physical and emotional pain.

and I feel men should cry more, no it doesn’t make you weak or less manly than you are. It’s okay to cry.


I am thankful to everyone who picked up my calls or replied to my texts in the past year when I needed them. I cannot and will never be able to do this life alone. I need people; we all need each other in our lives. As much as we may want to do things alone and have the ”I do not need anyone, and I got this alone” mindset, eventually, we get tired and need a hand. I am glad I reached out.


Lying and saying ”I’m okay” when you’re not takes you no where and hinders your growth. I have grown to admit how I truly feel no matter how the other person will feel or react because I am important and my feelings matter. I mentioned journaling and honesty before. I have learned to admit to myself when I am hurt, sad, in need of something. It does make me feel lousy in the moment but honesty doesn’t always feel good and that’s what I have learned to accept. Stay true to your body and mind.


Thursday is blog day but it’s also checking in with myself day. What do I usually do?

  • Sleep longer (to catch up on sleep)
  • Journal
  • Watch a movie

My phone is usually off or if it is I will not reply to anyone until 7PM. I need to make sure I am okay, I need to take care of myself. I learned to sit in my sadness and do absolutely nothing and staying in bed other times I pamper myself if needs be, I love bubble baths! I have slowly learned to check in with myself the same way I check in with others. I do switch the days in the week depending on my schedule because I’m important and I matter too.


I have been using Twitter since I was 13 years old. I recently started using TikTok this October, yes..I make TikToks I honestly didn’t think I would get into it but it’s fun and I can say I have found success there. I enjoy it but then I find myself scrolling for hours…for no reason and I have physically felt my energy get drained so then I take a break. It’s something I am still very much working on, other times I will take a week off twitter and just take time to refocus on myself, what ever is on social media can wait. Step away from the devices…but not too long now, how else will you read my blogs?

8 – Managing Anger

I have grown up unfamiliar with experiencing anger. My emotions would range from feeling sad, upset, and annoyed but rarely angry, but boy, did I experience anger this year. My problem was I would feel ashamed whenever I got angry. I thought it was wrong or worried about the other person over my emotions even though they may have triggered that emotion. It has always been a very alienating feeling, but anger is normal. I reminded myself that being angry is okay; it shows I care or am passionate about something. It comes down to how you manage it. Don’t say something you’ll regret later. Take a breather, come back and reassess the issue.

9 – Doing things I actually like

I refuse to let my inner child die.

I was the only adult dancing along with the Disney employee in that circle, and I’m not sure why but I didn’t care. I was having the time of my life because, as I said. I refuse to let my inner child die. I have many interests that some people may not be too fond of, but they are my interests for a reason. I am a massive fan of Korean Dramas, and some may ask why? They are fun to watch, and I appreciate the cinematography. People will always say something whether you’re doing something good or bad, so you may as well do what you want. Indulge in interests that make you happy even if they may be deemed ”childish”.

10 – Mindfulness

Not everyone is religious but I am and prayer is what has helped me a lot, I feel at peace whenever I pray. For those that don’t, meditation is the one. Giving yourself 5 minutes just to breathe and refocus and relieve all stress from the body and mind, it also helps reduce negative feelings. If you’re looking to get into mediation I would highly headspace as someone who has used it for years. When everything around you is moving at such a fast pace it’s nice to take a pause, breathe and practice gratitude.

11 – Surrounding myself with good people

My friend said to me ”Pour into people the same way they pour into you” I tend to overstretch myself and then get upset when I don’t get the same. I have learned to pull back and take myself out of situations that do not benefit me, and this was a learning curve. You can only give so much; you deserve to receive, too but pay attention to the people that pour into you. They deserve you, too, do not wait until the flame dies because sometimes we are the ones lacking which is why it’s important to check in with ourselves and others. Good company helps you prosper.

12 – Remember to laugh

Fun fact about me I have a gap tooth-wide enough to fit a 10p coin! Yes, I have tested it. Like my twin SpongeBob Squarepants, I love to smile and laugh. I lost my smile, and there’s nothing more disheartening than losing your smile or yourself. Life happens, and we can’t help it; everything is bleak, but after dusk is dawn. Slowly but surely, things get brighter; it could be as small as watching a funny video or spending time with people that bring you joy. It all matters, and I am glad I found my smile again.

2022 is a year where things went in every direction the unexpected happened I went through the highs and lows, I laughed, I cried I went through it all but I am here today. I take life as it comes but I refuse to give up on myself even though at times I wanted to, I didn’t. I have no idea what’s going to happen next but I know I’ll continue to care for my mental health and you should too and remember what ever you have going on you are never alone.

I wish you an early Happy New Year!


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