You have to keep going

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(If you haven’t already, you get to hear my voice for the first time.)

”You gotta keep going! You can’t give up” is something you’ve most likely heard at some point in your life. Whether it be during P.E or at work, a common saying with various meanings depending on the situation.

The only thing that’s promised in this life is death. So other than that, nothing is guaranteed. Plans change, people change, tragedies happen, and at other times, things work out for the better. Wonderful surprises happen happy moments happen. Everyone is happy, but you must keep going, no matter the situation.

I was experiencing a broken heart, and I cried for months. At some point, I started laughing and thought to myself, ”How is it humanly possible to cry this much? Why am I STILL crying?” I was sad and upset. I mean, the person I devoted my love to broke my heart, so of course I was crying. Duh! And what happened the entire time? The world kept going, and the globe kept spinning whilst I was crying into my pillow. 

You gotta keep going!

The world stops for no one. No matter what tragedy you may be experiencing, eventually if the situation is fixable you either work towards it or get over it and move on. It’s like me trying to get into cooking. I hate cooking with a passion, so I have to work hard and get a chef. Not the same but you get the idea. (Random) You want the harsh reality? The world hardly cares about you or the situation you’re in. A select few if you’re lucky.

If there’s one thing that I learned
While in those county lines
Is that everything takes time

…Life only gets harder, but you gotta get stronger

….I gotta keep going, I gotta keep going
I gotta keep going, gotta keep going

Jhene Aiko – W.A.Y.S

Life is hard. It is a bit confusing, things get overwhelming, I lose my breath, and it’s hard to breathe, but that’s the beauty of life. You have that moment to yourself to take a deep breath.

It’s your responsibility to make sure that you are okay, especially if you’re going through a hard time. You are the most important in your life, you spend the most time with yourself and the only person guaranteed to be with you your whole life is you. So why not take time to take care of

I have a question. Care to listen?

These are questions only you can answer, if you choose to be dishonest you’re only doing a disservice to yourself. In simpler terms you are only lying and cheating yourself.

I wished the world would stop when I was having a hard time. Some mornings can be challenging, and the nights get lonely, but the best thing I have learned about life is that tomorrow is a new day, and it only gets better with time. One day you’ll eventually realise you’re not in pain anymore as long as you keep going at your own pace, whether it be days, months or years. So long as you find yourself again.

It’s cliché but you gotta keep going.

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