Why I love Korean skincare

하세요 (Haseyo!) I recently discovered Korean skincare, I’ve spent almost £200 in the last two months. Yes I love it that much!..my face is happy but my pocket is angry! (I’m working on it I promise!)

I personally think everyone should have a skin care routine because not only will your skin thank you in the long run but it’s really fun. You of course won’t have to spend so much, there’s so much affordable Korean skin care out there.

The Korean skincare routine consists of ten 10 steps:

Seems like a lot right? 10 whole steps! I would highly recommend doing all 10 steps at the beginning then later on you may only need 3 or 4 out of the ten steps or the other way round it all comes down to preference and time. I advise trying Korean skincare because of the high concentration in their products, their unique ingredients, and affordable prices how could you not want to try them? TREAT YOURSELF!

3 thoughts on “Why I love Korean skincare

  1. I would have like to read about products (expensive and comparable cheaper ones) and your routine specifically.

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    1. Definitely something I’ll be working on. Not yet as I’m still trying to figure out what works for me but as soon as I do it’ll be up!


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