Hygiene during Depression

Life when in the horrible pits of depression is really hard, nothing is meaningful. You’re not happy and mostly don’t care about anything. I know for a fact I most certainly didn’t care about anything including my hygiene, I just found it very difficult to even get out of bed to shower but with help, time and persistance, I found ways to take care of myself. Here are a few tips that I and others have learned over the course of time during depression.

Having a shower

Simple right? Wrong.

Most people find it very difficult to get out of bed when depressed and having a shower is the last thing on the mind but having a routine or almost ”tricking your mind” into one helps. Pick a time you prefer and try ”force” yourself to shower even if it’s for 7-10 minutes, it may make a huge difference in your day as you’ll feel the satisfaction of accomplishment. If you can afford it, buy yourself a shower gel set, that way you’ll always have something to look forward to. You can get these from your local drugstore or amazon. ADD A PLAYLIST AND SING YOUR HEART OUT IN THE SHOWER!

Tidying Up

”I try to push myself to clean my room, and I hate messes and can’t stand them because it would make me more depressed. I feel ashamed at times, and then I have to force myself to clean up, and shower. Afterwards, I feel a lot better and I get into the routine again.”


When your head is cloudy it’s hard to pay attention to what’s around you. Tidying is the last thing you want to do. How about taking it day by day, instead of trying to get it all done in one day why not try get it done in say 2 weeks, that way you won’t feel too pressured and may even find that you have finished in 5 days than 14 days. You may not want to start straight away but even folding 2 shirts and putting them in the right place is progress. Move at the pace you’re most comfortable with and having your favourite show, listen to a podcast or music in the back helps.

Wet Wipes

”Baby wipes! If you can’t bring yourself to shower, baby wipe yourself down and pop some deodorant on! Makes you feel a lot fresher ”


Most people during depression can go hours, days even months without having a shower or a bath so the next best thing? Wet wipes. Wet wipes can be really useful when you’re having an episode or just don’t feel the greatest. You could use baby wipes for your face, body and wipes targeted at initmate areas. Using this will leave you feeling fresh and cleaner for the times you’re unable to have a shower. This is totally okay too.

Mouth Wash & Gum

”I use mouth wash to brush my teeth sometimes because I don’t wanna stand there brushing my teeth.”


During depression, the same way one may be unable to shower is the same way someone would be unable to brush teeth which is why mouth wash goes a long way during Depression or long depressive episodes, you can also attain a small mouth wash to carry with you at all times and a pack of gum.

Dry Shampoo

”Dry Shampoo: If you aren’t up to washing your hair dry shampoo is a life saver, makes you feel cleaner and makes your hair look much nicer.”


Hair maintenance can be time consuming and not many people have the time. During depression hair maintenance can be the biggest chore and insecurity as other people may notice the state of your hair and dry shampoo does wonders, leaving you looking and feeling great.

Clean Underwear

Some people would suggest turning your underwear inside out as it can be effective after a pro-longed period of time. Keeping clean underwear is really helpful too as allow you to feel fresher. If you can afford to buy new underwear each time, that would help too as long as it’s convenient.


During depression most may not feel like washing their face and toning helps a great deal as it takes off more dirt than just water. Click here for more details on what it is and how to do it. Grab cotton swabs for ears and cotton pads to help.

Depression affects more people than you think, most people have had it or still have it to this day. One thing that is important is reaching out and helping your friends. You do not have to take any responsibility for anyone with depression but what you can do is lend a shoulder to cry on or give a listening ear. Telling someone with depression that you are there for them makes a huge difference. Always remember Depression is not a ”sad” mood. Depression is a very serious condition that affects people’s day to do lives

If you are suffering from depression I hope the few points made help, remember you are not alone and someone is always willing to help you.

If you would like to read a little on Depression click here.

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