Effects of acne on your mental health

When I was in my third year of college I started to become obsessed with my skin. I was 18/19 and I started to really look into my skin. A young girl browsing through instagram seeing all these influencers with amazing skin of course I wanted to be like them. I started to nag my mother with my needs, I started to use Proactiv and it worked for a while then it just din’t work for a while so I had to stop and I just settled for over the counter products.

Fast forward to June, 2019 and my skin BROKE OUT.

I didn’t understand what was going on it was so sudden, I remember constantly looking at my skin. Had just couldn’t comprehend what was going on, if I werent so confident at the time my self esteem would have sharterd, then it did. It got to me, I couldn’t bare look at myself in the mirror anymore, I refused to wear make up because I felt it made me look worse, I grew insecure and didn’t want to be seen.

I didn’t feel beautiful, I hardly went out. All I did was go to work and go home, I didn’t feel the need make plans, my self esteem plummeted to the ground and I noticed people may not understand how acne affects your wellbeing.

Affects of acne that people may feel:

  • Some acne sufferers grow their hair long to cover the face. Girls tend to wear heavy make-up to disguise the pimples.
  • Some people with acne take sick days from work, risking their jobs or livelihood.
  • Some find it hard to form new relationships, especially with the opposite sex.
  • Low self esteem
  • Low confidence
  • Loneliness

Many lose their jobs because of it, it affects more people than people may think that’s why the hashtag #acnepositivity is important because people get to talkabout thier experiences and also get to help on another, I wish I had discovered that hashtag a while ago but all in all I am thankful for the skincare community, I am thankful to have discovered James Welsh because of him I discovered Korean Skincare in february of 2019, though the break out was later in the year, I learned to understand my skin more take care of myself better because I can often be very harsh on myself.

Today my skin looks like this:

Nothing more than SPF

It look a while but it was worth it, though my skin looks like this this year it had only taken me 2 months to get rid of most of what was going on my face but all in all, I am grateful for what I’ve learned to far. Unfortunately some people have to deal with this for most if not, the rest of their life and if you see someone with acne, there’s no reason to point it out or give random suggestions, trust me, they know, unless asked, mind your own business. It takes a lot for people to be being themselves the last thing someone needs is a rando saying they are dirty or that they should drink more water, it’s deeper than that, it affects them immensely.

Acne can really take a toll on many people, allow them to be there authentic selves, if asked help out and if not, mind your business.

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