Stop being mean to yourself

  • ”I’m so ugly”
  • ”I look so boney”
  • ”Why don’t I look like them”
  • ”I have gained so much weight”
  • ”I can never do anything right, I am a failure”
  • ”I can’t make my parents proud”
  • ”I can’t make my children happy”

Comparison and distasteful language towards ourselves. Ah,to be human, we really can be our worst enemies sometimes without realising it. I mentioned this in previous blogs, being indoors for long, you’re stuck with your thoughts. It’s not healthy.

New survey reveals that 80% of Brits feel working from home has had a negative impact on their mental health.

Nuffield Health

As a person that uses social media particularly twitter the most, you get to see people express how they feel in their day to day lives so than me pulling out every single tweet, go to twitter’s search bar and type ”Anxiety” and you will see everything going on. Personally, the pandemic has taken a toll on me, being in my house for 4 months has been the worst thing to happen being stuck with your thoughts you tend to overthink isn’t healthy at all, though I have experienced more lows than highs I appreciate every single time I feel genuine happiness.

Self-love is difficult and I never understood why it was often ignored or made to be easy. Having to admit that you are indeed being mean to yourself and growing out of that is a different type of journey that most of us have had to go through. Having to learn and unlearn a lot of things is very uncomfortable, learning to love and treat your inner child, treating it how a mother or father treats his child is something we need to do to feel whole.

You have to be realistic in life. Putting so much pressure on yourself will only cause a large amount of stress and anxiety. I can advocate for that. You have to remember you’re doing the best that you can do, you’re in a pandemic, you’re still working hard, the fact you can wake up and seize the day is remarkable in its self, if no one has told you this, I am here to tell you that I am proud of you, I am proud to see you’re healthy and feeling okay. Stop being mean to yourself, the tongue is a powerful thing, get into the practice of saying nice things about yourself. I too am still learning but it’s something worth getting into the habit of.

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