You have no reason to be ashy

Everyone gets ashy skin at some point, the only difference is others may notice it more on darker skinned people like me. If my elbows are dry and my white friend’s elbows are dry, you will notice it more on me than them but that doesn’t change the fact we are both equally ashy.

Ashiness is characterized by white or gray coloring that really shows up on the skin

The skin gets ashy because of lack of moisture, I am not talking about having dry skin, I am talking about being ashy. Ashiness simply means your skin is dehydrated and needs to be taken care of.

How do I attain healthy moistured skin?

STEP 1 – Drinking Water

”I already drink water” how much water do you truly drink? This won’t solve the ashiness but it plays a huge part in having healther skin from head to toe. You already know how much water you should be drinking so let’s start with that first.

Step 2 – Exfoliating

I would recommend using a body scrub at least once a week, pick a day during the week where you are don’t mind taking a little more time in the shower and use a body scrub all over your body. This helps get rid of dead skin cells and prepares you with new skin. Body scrubs usually leave you feeling extreamly soft. My current favourite is Palmer’s cocoa butter body scrub, I love the feel and smell of it.

STEP 3 – Avoid overly hot showers everyday

I LOVE hot showers, and sometimes I would do it to the point my body would burn a little, weird I know. I am slowly refraining from that because I learned using hot water can really dry out your skin, It’s good for you once in a while but not everyday because your skin will be completely stripped from it’s natural oils and you don’t need that.

Step 4 – Body Butter & Oil

I personally use baby oil, body butters preferably in winter because the skin is dryer in colder conditions and I use lotions, I am currently using four different ones (extra I know). If your skin is dry avoid water based lotions and get creams instead, this helps drier skin more because more moisture is soaked in which is exactly what your body needs. My favourite thing to do is use baby oil, baby lotion and mix them together and maybe you could try that too. If you don’t have the time I would suggest using a body oil either on it’s on, using it with a body butter for the extra moisture or sticking to a body butter. Moisturising is best done right after a shower when the skin is still a little wet, don’t wait too long.

I love moisturing, I love the feel and look of my soft and glowy skin after applying my favourite products and everyone deserves to feel this too. I hope these tips help you on your journey to beautiful moistured skin. As usual find what’s best for you and within your budget.



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