4 ways to release emotions when you’re alone

Take a video recording of yourself

Yes take video footage of yourself. If it helps you can pretend to be on a tv show or YouTube video. Here I’ll give you a script:

  • ”Hey guys welcome back to my channel. So I’ve been feeling kinda low lately I’m not sure if it’s due to quarantine or maybe I had a really bad day last week…”

and then you can carry on from there. You don’t have to be as dramatic you could start with however you want and you don’t have to watch the videos back but pretending to talk to an audience(s) through a camera helps. It can take 2 minutes or 30 minutes it doesn’t matter because only you will see it. You can also use your phone and delete it after too.

Take an audio recording of yourself

When I went through my first heartbreak I didn’t know how else to express my emotions. As I felt no one else would understand I felt the best next thing was to try this technique and I recommend it to anyone. I decided to audio record myself every time I’d have any anxieties, heartaches or sadness about it. Even when I had a good day during the process I would audio record myself and it helped a lot. Almost every smart phone comes with a voice recording app, like video recordings, you can do the same and delete them after you’ve let out any emotion. This also helps if you don’t feel like being infront of a camera.


This is something I have gradually learned to do. There’s so many apps for journaling but in my opinion, nothing beats pen to paper. You don’t have to worry about making spelling mistakes because honestly who cares? It’s just you and your thoughts.

”Journaling allows people to clarify their thoughts and feelings, thereby gaining valuable self-knowledge. It’s also a good problem-solving tool; oftentimes, one can hash out a problem and come up with solutions more easily on paper”


Talking in second or third person

Have you ever found yourself talking to yourself in the shower about things that have already happened? ”Well I could have said this and told them this or that” How about you did that with how you feel? As many talk to themselves (me included) you can create two or three characters, I know it sounded wacky but it does help to better understand what’s going on. You can think of it as a show, a radio show, it’s what ever you are comfortable with.

”Usually, people reflect on their experiences from a first-person perspective (e.g., “Why am I so stressed about this?”)…Researchers found…talking in a third-person point of view helps people remove themselves from the situation and approach it more objectively.”

mensjournal.com/ Researchers at University of Michigan

These techniques I have shared may not be for everybody. Some people have various people they can trust but unfortunately many don’t, they are alone and lonely therefore I thought to write these to help someone as I myself have been there too. These techniques may make sense or sound really silly but it’s better to be silly and look silly than be stuck in your head and use unhealthy coping mechanisms.


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