Loneliness during the pandemic

Ah! The unpleasant fear of the unknown, when will it end?

Lost jobs, end of marriages, relationships, friendships, death. 2020 has been scary, so much has happened…is still happening…the loneliness epidemic during the pandemic.

Something I can heavily relate to especially now..again. I have written about loneliness and I had a part 2 even this time it will be different, this is loneliness during COVID-19, the pandemic and how tough it is, am I the only one struggling? Thought so.

From being able to go to the movies, go bowling (though I’ve only been once in my 23 years on this earth), going to work having face to face conversations with various customers, looking forward to spending my 23rd Birthday in Paris, I was hopeful then…Covid happened. Classes were rushed and had to move online, teams calls, zoom calls, Skype with my therapist etc etc 2020 has one to remember and I wish I could forget about it. Not to be too pessimistic but can you blame me?

Loneliness in itself is an epidemic. We all feel it but separately, it’s one of the most devastating things that for some reason people may not want to talk about, or maybe they just can’t relate and that’s an amazing thing, I would rather not relate than feel so sunken all the time I am in my room by myself because I can’t be around the people that care about me.

What are the symptoms and signs of loneliness?

  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Substance use
  • Binge watching tv
  • Craving physical company

Of course as mentioned it varies from person to person but especially now, loneliness is a very significant thing that some may even feel too embarrassed to talk about. Some feel lonely in their homes, relationships, university etc

As it’s an epidemic one thing you need to know is that there’s probably 10 people feeling exactly the way you do, the best solution is to try and tackle it. My way of ”feeling the void” spending time with people that care about me, figuring out why exactly I feel lonely, the sooner I understand the better I am at tackling it because I would lying if I said it didn’t get to me, thankfully I eventually learned how to cope with it…I still have my moments.

2020 needs to get in the bin. I am over it.


  1. I understand all about loneliness. Covid hasn’t made any difference to that as I don’t think it is possible for me to be any lonelier. Oh well, hopefully next year will be better. Take care and have a lovely Christmas season.


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