The Importance of having a safe place

What’s a safe place?

  • In simple terms a safe place is a place you can be yourself without criticism or judgement. I place where one can be themselves without having to worry about what others may say or think about them.

I was feeling really anxious the other day, it came out of the blue. One minute I’m doing an assignment the next minute I can’t seem to catch my breath. Sometimes it’s really hard to navigate anxiety even after having it for years.

I wrote a blog on The connection between your room and your wellbeing and how important it is to have a room to yourself. Some people aren’t as privileged to have a room they can call their own, so I thought what about a safe place in your mind? As I was feeling anxious the other day while scrolling trying to distract myself, I cam across an Instagram video.

Registered clinical psychologist Dr Joseph Cleasby shared this IGTV video and that 3 minutes of guided meditation changed my whole entire day…my life now really. I am so grateful for that video because when I was feeling anxious I clicked on his video and in the short clip he mentioned to find a safe place and at first I was like? Hello? Joe? I am anxious? I have nothing! (That was the anxiety talking, sorry Joe) but I gave myself a moment, I took a deep breath and I finally found my safe place in my mind.

Since then, whenever I feel anxious I just take myself to my safe place. No one needs to know about your safe place because its your place and your place alone. It can be anything and where: your favourite childhood place, your grandma’s house, the beach, the gym, your room etc Anything as long as you feel safe, if it involves individuals, then make sure these individuals in your safe place make you feel appreciated and loved because that’s what you deserve.

You deserve to have a safe place and the best part is that no one else can have access to it because it’s in your mind.

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